Mounia El Kotni is a Cultural and Medical Anthropologist (PhD SUNY Albany, 2016). Her areas of expertise include: institutional ethnography, gender equity, reproductive health, and human rights.

Mounia is a teacher, a researcher, and also offers her expertise as a cultural consultant for a wide range of projects. She has worked in France, the United States, Mexico, and Guatemala. For detailed information about her experience, you can download her Curriculum Vitae Mounia also has experience as an online teacher, translator and interpreter. She is available for public speaking and guest lecturing.

Have a project that would benefit from an anthropologist’s input? Do not hesitate to contact Mounia .


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Book Review: Ostrach’s 2017 Health Policy in a Time of Crisis

[Review Originally published on Anthropology-News ] “In Catalunya and beyond, abortion is never just a medical or even a moral issue. It is an explosive nexus of intense social conflict over power, ‘rights,’ bodily autonomy, access to health care and the equal distribution of resources in society” (Ostrach 2017: 69). Health Policy in a Time … Continue reading Book Review: Ostrach’s 2017 Health Policy in a Time of Crisis

Long-Distance Ethnography

A tool for collaboration between anthropologists and NGOs Since 1985, the Organization of Indigenous Doctors of Chiapas (OMIECH) has been supporting and promoting the work of traditional midwives in indigenous communities in the Highlands of Chiapas. Collaborating with non-governmental organizations, anthropologists and medical doctors in Chiapas as well as abroad, OMIECH has built an international and … Continue reading Long-Distance Ethnography

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